Peek in Your Purse….What your Purse says about you financially


Peek in Your Purse. This was the title of an article that my dad suggested I read from Black Enterprise. The premise of the article was what your Purse says about you financially. I never really thought about my purse being able to predict my financial health but in reading the article it really made a lot of sense. I just wanted to share the article with my readers and also some of the few key points:

What’s in your wallet? – Count the Number of Credit (not Debit) Cards. More than one could suggest you may be living beyond your means.

Is your cash organized by denomination? – Organized cash suggests that your are financially organized. Unorganized cash suggested that your financial health may be chaotic which could lead to missed payments.

Do you have protection plans on your electronic devices?  This is literal and symbolic. Literal because paying for another $300 device typically isn’t in a budget but also suggests that you have protection plans in other areas of your life (disability, life, health, homeowners’ liability, and long-term care)

Do you have an emergency card? Preparedness prior to an emergency suggests preparedness for financial estate matters as a result of death or disability.

Are receipts and important papers organized? – Organized receipts and paperwork suggest tax preparedness as it relates to getting deductions that may lower your tax liability.

Just wanted to share!! Highly suggest you read the article and take a look at what your purse/wallet is saying about you….

For the full article please click here.

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